Entry #11


2016-08-26 15:30:14 by KyenzaCartoons

Hey Newgrounds, its been a while

I've decided I'm doing to start doing short animated commissions to help me a bit financially until I can afford to start paying rent. If you would like anything, it would be extremely appreciated. Feel free to shoot me an inbox if you would like something that you can afford :) 
If you can't afford anything, but would still like to show some support, retweet the post I made about it, as it would help just as much <3 


(My paypal username is kyenzacartoons@gmail.com



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2016-08-26 15:30:46

also apologies for the shit quality, flash is terrible with exporting large files. yours won't look this bad, lol


2016-08-26 15:54:55

export quality affects customers perceptions. get gifgrabber. best GIF exporting program ive come across. totally free and great quality.

KyenzaCartoons responds:

can it import video files? because if not i will have to export as a gif from flash regardless, so it'll end up looking bad unless it has a big resolution, which is what i plan on doing


2016-08-26 16:17:47

I love the disclaimer at the bottom lol!
Aside from these, do you take commissions for animation assists, like just inbetweening?

KyenzaCartoons responds:

I could try but, pricing that would be hard as heck unless it was hourly


2016-08-26 16:27:16

it screen records and makes a gif, no importing. play the swf and record the gif


2016-08-26 17:41:14

hot stuff


2016-08-26 17:50:52

nice stuff man. shading looks really nice.

apparently my friend jacob knows you.

KyenzaCartoons responds:

jacob who? i know a lot of jacobs


2016-08-26 18:16:31

Hey I don't know if you know that already, but Photoshop is great for exporting gifs, if you do have it.
I export flash animations as PNG sequences and then just import them into PS and save.

KyenzaCartoons responds:

Thank you, I'll give it a try :)


2016-08-27 00:49:28

No you f off m broke bud


2016-08-27 09:25:48

the jacob who makes those epic rap battles with South Park characters

KyenzaCartoons responds:

oh ya


2016-08-27 19:45:39

gyazo is free, just download it and make a gif of whatevers playing on your screen, takes seconds!


2016-08-28 02:08:20

ever need a voice? Im so in the help u :3


2016-08-28 05:29:30

I love how half of these comments are just talking about the gif instead of the commissions.

KyenzaCartoons responds:

yea lol


2016-11-27 08:59:54

ok wait why is that moron trying to impersonate you

KyenzaCartoons responds:

I wish I knew. He's being doing it for months. I've done NOTHING to him.


2016-11-27 09:31:16

how do you know his real name though?

KyenzaCartoons responds:

He's had a history with stealing from some friends of mine too, and they did some digging when he was doing it to them and they found out his name, where he lives, who his parents are, etc